Two States Wedding Story

Raghavendraswami is originally from Maharashtra while Malavika is from Kerala, but they met in Mumbai. In spite of being from different states, not knowing each other’s language and the only common thing they had was their profession. And, destiny made these two doctors fell in love. Raghavendraswami disclosed his love for Malavika to both their parents. Despite being from two different states and culture they managed to convince their parents and decided to have a traditional Kerala wedding with Marathi fusion. Finally, the date was fixed for their Big Day as 10th February 2019 and picked “Sitharama Kalyana Mandapam” in Ernakulam for their dream wedding. Friends and family were eagerly awaiting the two-state wedding.

Now let’s share how it became an unforgettable memory for us. This was the first time for people from Pepper Green got a chance to capture an inter-state marriage.

It felt like a destination wedding photography session for us. As the four-day wedding function had both Kerala style and Marathi style wedding rituals and functions... 

On the first two day’s function was arranged for Malavika’s friends and family with traditional Kerala Style functions.

Our the first day with Malavika was for the Mehandi Ceremony. It is a traditional women-centric ceremony where either the women of the house or a professional Mehandi artist applies Mehandi on the bride’s hands. There is a wonderful belief based on Mehandi, that the darker the color of Mehandi, the more the bride will receive love from her husband and her in-laws.

Malavika was not fond of photography but after viewing a few clicks she started to show more interest in taking the pictures. We also suggested taking candid photos of the entire functions as it gives more life to the photographs and they readily agreed to our suggestion. At the end of the first-day function, we took some photos with her family friends and her pet dog, Jack And that’s how we started our two-state wedding stories.

On the next day, more to our surprise the Malavika called us first and told to get there early for the shoot. The second day was a simple wedding evening sharing the joy with close friends, families, and relatives.

On the third and fourth day were the Marathi wedding ceremonies take place. And, our first time witnessing a Traditional Marathi Wedding. We were all excited since we didn’t know what the next ritual or ceremony that is going to take place. 

Pujas were happening and the groom’s family put gold bangles and ornaments on the bride as a part of the ritual. There were a lot of happy faces and smiles around us. We found it as enthralling as we continued to capture the beautiful moments with Malavika and Raghavendraswami.

The D- day, the function started at 3 am with the Haldi ceremony where they apply turmeric paste on the head, shoulders, hands, and feet of the bride as well as the groom. The ritual takes place on the groom’s side and then the leftover turmeric paste is sent to the bride’s side where it is applied to her. The next was the wedding ceremony, though it was a long ceremony the smiles and rituals kept us occupied. As Tara Chisholm said “Photography is the beauty of life captured”, we continued to capture lives that taking photos there.

Raghavendraswami and Malavika was one of the best clients we had till now and they still contact us just to have a casual chat asking about our wellbeing and they have become close to our heart.

They told us that they have looked into a lot of Wedding Photography in Kerala and also in Kochi. Even though they had a lot of choices they chose us because they were able to see life in the pictures we share on social media sites.

Raghavendraswami and Malavika, we would love to thank you for the support and love you’ve shown us. We wish you a wonderful life!! Cheers!!

Team Pepper Green.