Weddings can be defined as a blend of emotions, where each theme has a definite meaning for every couple. It’s the time when you feel embraced by the magic of love from all your loved ones. Your entire humorous and lively group surrounds you with their contagious energy to make your wedding a picturesque and memorable event.

All these instances should unfold without any interpretation in its utmost transparency and uniqueness. Pepper Green’s services in wedding photography in Dubai and Kerala are an amazing resource for every couple to document their big day in the most profound way. All the events are approached with ease, intuitively capturing all the elusive and extremely charming moments.

Christian weddings, from a very sacred perspective, go beyond the relationship between two individuals. From the Christian’s point of view, the wedding is a very sacred and memorable moment where every couple that desires to tie their knots in the divinity of the church wants to foster this moment to the fullest. Here is our Christian wedding photography team to take countless breathtaking clicks as you say your vows.

A Christian wedding has many symbolic events which differ based on the denominations. The rituals usually commence with the priest addressing the congregation. It is followed with both the spouses publically announcing their consents for marriage, the exchange of vows where they make mutual promises to nurture the sanctity of their marriage, and a formal ring exchange. Each and every moment, right from the bride wearing the surreal white gown to holding their hands together is special, which is to be treasured for both the couple and their loved ones. It’s the dream of each and everyone to make their big day the most alluring one. Our Christian wedding photography team is well aware of how each ritual is important and is capable of capturing all the moments right from the couple walking through the aisle to the joyous parties in the most surreal way.

Be it is a blessing ceremony under the canopy of warm lights and chandeliers or the beach with magical sunsets and blue waters, our team of wedding photography in Dubai (UAE) and Kerala is always with you to create a fairytale of your wedding. The couple can easily carry their symbolic rituals in any place they choose and our team of wedding photography in Kerala or wedding photography in Dubai will be there accordingly, to capture the stunningly dramatic images in complete spontaneity and serenity. From the traditional and conventional styles to candid and modern clicks, our team of wedding photography makes sure that all the bits of your big day are captured in the best way making it both mesmerizing and timeless. From the sparkling rings and conversations between the old and new generations to the first daring dance steps of the couple, all the tiny moments are captured to create unfading portraits of your big day.

Pepper Green’s team of wedding photography in Kerala and wedding photography in Dubai (UAE) has it photographers carved with excellence to capture the raw emotions and joy each and everyone experiences at your wedding with up-most dedication and professionalism. We’d be pleased to celebrate your love with others by adding more essence to your big day.

Be it a destination wedding in UAE or Kerala, we have our professional team of wedding photography in Dubai and wedding photography team in Kerala to create the story of your day. All you have to do is to make a call at +91 96330 65508 to know more about us.