The very thought of wedding and wedding season brings colorful memories and smiling faces to our minds. Indian weddings are diverse and vibrant adding a high level of excitement to the sacred ceremonies. With celebrations that last for days in north Indian weddings, wedding season becomes time for celebrating special moments in life. Among the celebrations of Indian weddings, Haldi is the most vibrant and most popular. Let us know deeper about the rituals and latest trends of Haldi ceremonies in South and North Indian weddings.

Rooted in tradition

Haldi ceremony is rooted in the traditions of Indian weddings and it is one of the most significant pre-wedding ceremonies in India. The Traditional Haldi ceremony is a ritual holy bath when Haldi (turmeric), oil, and water is applied to the bride and groom by the married and elderly women. Considering the medicinal properties of turmeric, this ceremony is believed to add charm and glow to the whole wedding event. On this auspicious occasion that symbolizes prosperity and protection for the future life of the couple, they wear yellow costumes. Some of the communities add other ingredients like sandalwood powder, milk, etc to the Haldi mixture. Family and friends would be present on this occasion to make their steps to the energetic songs in the background.

Haldi is meant to purify the body, mind, and soul of the soon-to-be-married couple before they enter their new life. haldi mixture cleanses the body by removing dead cells and detoxifying the skin. This adds extra charm to the bride and groom on their wedding day. Traditional significance of Haldi roots back to the belief that turmeric or Haldi possesses the power to keep away negativities and anxieties from bride and groom.

Importance of Haldi ceremony

  1. Positivity: By applying turmeric which is detoxifying and exfoliating agent, the Haldi ceremony is believed to bring positivity to the body and mind of the bride and groom.
  2. Glow for the big day: Haldi ceremony adds to the glow-up of skin healthily and naturally. It beautifies the bride and groom, making them glowed up and refreshed for their big day.
  3. Soothing experience: applying haldi to the skin helps in releasing the anxieties and relaxing mind and body, helping the couple to stay calm and collected before their wedding day.
  4. Purifying ritual: the detoxifying properties of turmeric, it symbolizes the purification of the mind and body of the couple. The symbolic relevance of the ceremony stands with the purification of the couple before entering a new life.
  5. Vibrancy and prosperity: red and yellow are the much-celebrated colors in Indian weddings. Bride, groom along with their friends and family wear yellow costumes to welcome peace, prosperity, and happiness to the life of the couple. Color yellow adds extra charm and vibrancy to the whole event.
  6. Sacred: Haldi ceremony holds on to its holiness with the presence of elders in the family. They shower their blessings to the groom and the bride for beginning their new life.

New trends in Haldi ceremonies

Haldi ceremony is not a traditional ritual of North Indian weddings alone! It is a fun-packed event when friends and family celebrate. New trends of Haldi have changed the ceremony to an unavoidable day in the wedding season. Let us look at the latest trends of the Haldi ceremony in India.

Grand entry: Haldi ceremony begins with the royal entry of the groom and bride accompanied by their friends and family. Background scores add the beat to the filmy entry of the couple and their squad.

Vibrancy fashioned: bright and vibrant yellow costumes are handpicked by the groom and the bride, exclusively for the haldi day. The bride is adorned with floral jewelry (preferably yellow) and cousins and family to get in style with their trendy yellow attires.

Flower shower: Haldi ceremonies of the 21st century are not just about haldi but flowers too. Blessings are disguised as flowers on the wedding day, so why not on Haldi day…

Décor and backdrops: adorning your favorite space of choice, indoors or outdoors with yellow flowers add extra brightness to the golden moments of Haldi.  Destination wedding in Kerala provides spaces that are perfect for your Haldi ceremony and the destination wedding package would include organizing and decorating the space for your big day. Packages under Kerala destination wedding, cost 

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