Luscious green carpets of hills, serene beauty of backwaters, and tranquil seas aren't alien to Kerala's geography. Blessed with its natural beauty Kerala is a place equal to heaven to live and to visit. Has the idea of a Destination wedding in Kerala ever crossed your mind? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make nature witness your moment of eternal bliss? Yes! It would be a serene experience to conduct traditional weddings or weddings with a twist in the cradle of nature in Kerala.

With the pleasant weather, caressing waves, soothing backwaters and enthralling hills, destinations for weddings in Kerala are most suitable for any kind of weddings especially for ritually rich and elegant South Indian weddings and North Indian weddings. Let us look closer at the Destination wedding package that Kerala has in its hands!

A budget-friendly wedding is never off the list!

Weddings are always heavenly and making them unique is a dream for every individual. If you are looking for a budget-friendly location for elating your wedding to another level, then a Destination wedding in Kerala is the right option. Destination wedding in Kerala cost is much cheaper than traditional wedding plans.

Wedding venues in Kerala are mostly budget-friendly and great with their hospitality qualities. Kerala destination wedding is splendid with grant venue, caterer, decorations, entertainment, accommodation, and various other elements. It is important to choose the right and the best options that fit your budget range.

Serene Locations for your serene wedding!

If you are looking for a precious platform for conducting your wedding, Kerala is the right spot. Being home to beaches, backwaters, historic places, hills, and plantations; Kerala is a perfect place to conduct your weddings. The scenic beauties of Kerala's landscapes are perfect backdrops for capturing your picture-perfect moments. You could choose from an array of diverse Wedding venues in Kerala. You could also choose from the luxurious options of wedding resorts in Kerala to conduct a homely and vibrant wedding. 

Here are a few amazing destinations that you could locate in Kerala!

Backwaters and houseboats: Houseboats that echo the heritage of Kerala along with the ethereal backdrop of backwaters are a heavenly spot for conducting your traditional wedding. Away from the chaos and hustles in the city, the backwaters at Alleppey offer the best place to tie your knot! You could coordinate your wedding with the resorts located on the shores of backwaters to elate your special day to more unique levels. It would be amazing to have a Bolgatty Palace Kochi wedding experience with the richness of Kerala's culture amidst the backwaters for a destination wedding in Kochi.

Beaches: Kerala is home to serene beaches from north to south. The serenity of the beaches of Kochi, Thrissur, Trivandrum, and Alleppey are perfect for making your vows. Make the sea a spectator of your divine moment, while waves sing the hymns. Cherai and Kuzhuppilly beaches are the perfect choices for the destination wedding in Kochi.

Hills and plantations: destination wedding in Kerala is a perfect choice if you love green and tea! The luscious green milieu is perfect for South Indian weddings and North Indian Weddings. Planning your wedding at the Western Ghats will never be a fall of choice. The aromatic plantations of Munnar, or nature’s cradle Wayanad with breathtaking waterfalls, you have diverse and enthralling options to choose from.

The aura and charm that resonates in the landscapes of Kerala are true magic that could transform your D-day into a memorable experience!

Always pleasant weather!

Kerala experiences pleasant weather throughout the year and is a perfect place to visit in both the summer and monsoon seasons. The best time to conduct a destination wedding in Kerala is between October and March as these months are perfect for conducting outdoor events and ceremonies in the evening devoid of heavy rains.

Tips before planning your Destination wedding in Kerala

It is important to check with the event management teams and photography teams to check their availability and affordable wedding package in Kerala. It is also ideal to have a guest list, checklist, and itinerary for planning out the best wedding of your dreams. It is important to note that every penny you spend is worth the day.

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