Kerala is known for its scenic beauty and breathtaking nature spots. The beautiful beaches, the hill stations, and the backwaters make it the special venue for destination weddings in Kerala. Couples travel from all over India for their pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots as well with the beautiful backdrop of God's own country. Kerala is known for the beautiful and amazing temples that are decades old. The stunning beauty of nature and the traditional significance makes Kerala the desired destination wedding location in South India. 


South Indian weddings are not just about fun and celebration. It is also about the cultural and religious representation of the family's faith and belief. Both South Indian weddings and North Indian weddings are connected to the religious following of the family and the soon-to-be couple. Being in the presence of the superpower has a big part in the new journey for the couple. 


The wedding season is one of the most celebrated and awaited times of the year for family and friends. It's a gathering of your most beloved ones celebrating the start of one's new journey. India is a culturally diverse nation and the weddings here are significantly diverse in rituals and traditions as we move from one end to another. From the traditional weddings to the marvelous destination wedding, marriages these days represent different ways for each couple. North Indian Weddings and South Indian Weddings have rituals and traditions that are different for each cultural background. 


Kerala Hindu Wedding 


The Hindu weddings in Kerala are most often in family temples or Mandaps, where both the bride and the groom and their family get together to witness the auspicious event. Every ritual represents the future life they are to live ahead. The bride and groom start their life in the presence of their family and friends. South Indian wedding customs are very simple yet heart-touching. 


For many couples, getting married at the holy Guruvayur Temple has been a long-cherished wish. Every year couples wait for their chance to be married in the divine presence of Guruvayoorappan. The temple has become the number wedding destination in Kerala Hindu brides and grooms. Because of the demand in the temple, couples have their wedding ceremony, along with their close family and friends. Wedding photography in Kerala, especially for Hindu functions is into the ceremony during the wedding. 


Guruvayoor temple is located in the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur. Weddings in Guruvayoor are considered to be very auspicious for the couple. Every year during the wedding season, the temple is booked with wedding ceremonies. Families travel from all over the world to have the wedding solemnized in the presence of Guruvayoorappan. The sanctity and blissfulness of the temple imbibe a wonderful feeling as you enter the holy premise. Our team for wedding photography in Kerala is fully aware of the significance of each ritual and makes sure that every moment is seized. 


Our beautiful couple came dressed in a traditional saree and dhoti. The simplicity of the attire stood out amazingly in the magnificent entrance of Guruvayur temple. As they entered the temple, the beautiful smile and joy on their faces lit up the entire temple. Surrounded by family and the laughter of the accompanied bridesmaids was a treat to see. The beautiful moments are captured by Pepper Green wedding photography in Thrissur. 


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